Monday, April 28, 2008

Next Houdini

Its so frustrating that to see a lot of people including me doing things which I dont want to .... and cannot really go out and do all I have always wanted. Whats stopping me in that case ? Responsibilities , money and all those material benefits. I always think .. what a great world it would be if every one had the ability and resources to pursue their dreams/aspirations and not thinking one bit of survival, very idealistic....such a small life and when I see those glum faces people struggling for survival for those 2 square meals a day it beats me, where are we heading to.

Here I am .. feeling locked in cage inside a drum 10000 feet under the sea ,, when will I perform the next Houdini act or perish, break the shackles .. go out .. break free .....

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Atul Mathur said...

Hi Rahul, it's been a long time. You are so right about this material benefits coming in way of what we all want to do.

Incidentally. and definitely not on purpose, your last 2 blog entries (April 28th and Dec 28th) are exactly the same as my last 2 updated ones. The same dates :-)